That’s me on the right – Sarah Higgins. Last week, 43 year old me launched myself into a new skill – Taekwondo. My children have been enrolled with Raptor for approx. 16 months now and during the 2020 lockdown, when their lessons switched to zoom, I sometimes followed along with them, helping to keep them motivated while they were away from their beloved instructors. To my surprise, I enjoyed it. It’s safe to say that exercise and I have never been great mates, and the word ‘fun’ isn’t one that I’m used to pairing up with any kind of physical exertion, but this was fun.

So, when the dojang reopened, it was with a little bit of confidence, and a great deal of nerves, that I attended my first class.

The class was even better than it had been on zoom. The other students were very friendly and incredibly encouraging. We did some blocks, some punches and some kicks, including against the big punching bags. That was a funny experience – the other students would go up and kick the bag and a resounding ‘THUD’ would echo around the dojang. I’d go up and do the same – and you could hear a pin drop. But that was the part I actually liked best – this is an individual activity done in a group atmosphere. I’m definitely the least skilled in the group, but I’m not ‘the weak link in the team’. My being unable to kick, punch or anything else as well as anyone else doesn’t matter – nobody depends on my skills. So, I can learn at my own pace and have fun with great people I’m doing it.

At the end of my 1st lesson I got my uniform, and I can’t wait to come back wearing it.  

What I’ve learnt this week :

I’ve learned that it’s natural for me to move my arms and it’s natural for me to move my legs. It’s not yet natural for me to move both at once.