Silence is for Ninjas – I WANT MY THUD!

This fortnight the strangest thing happened at the dojang (that’s what we call our facility). I was exercising – and – wait for it – laughing until my face hurt. I was exercising AND having fun at the same time!

Before I go on to explain what caused that strange happenstance, let me explain how strange it truly is. Exercise and I have never been friends. Even when I was at school, PE was something to be endured, not enjoyed. I’m terribly uncoordinated and as a result of the fact that most of my physical exercise over the last 20 years has involved walking around shops or the odd swim with my kids, I’m also very unfit. My balance is terrible and my endurance is not very enduring. But, as I said in week 1, the lovely thing about this new hobby of mine is that I don’t have to be better than anyone other than me. It doesn’t matter if I lose my footing trying to get that elusive THUD on the bag (which I’m still waiting for), or stumble through the rope ladder on the floor – every week I get a little better and I’m sure that THUD I’m working towards is coming.

So what caused this laughter until we were all hurting? Well, it was 8 adults having a good old-fashioned kid-style relay race. Run down the dojang, deliver 2 kicks to the bag, run back, cross the line, and then sit down while the 2nd person in your team has their turn. First team to finish, wins. And boy, did we have fun! Adults running at full pelt, racing to be first and a fantastically baseball-inspired slide into home by Keith on the opposing team to snatch victory! And you know what? Even as I was fighting the flashbacks to competitive sports at school, where I was always picked last and then ridiculed for being slowest, here, I was having fun. The people in my group are fast becoming more than exercise mates, they’re becoming friends. And we can always use a few friends, and a few laughs.

What I’ve learnt this week

The coordination is coming together and I’m still working on not over-thinking (if that’s not a contradiction in terms!). I’ve also learnt that although it took a long time, it’s a wonderful feeling to find the fun in exercise.