I did it! It took a few weeks and a bit of effort, but I GOT MY THUD! In week 5, it was my right foot – a roundhouse kick delivered to the bag with a resounding THUD that warmed my heart and made me do a little happy dance as I headed back to the line to have another go. And this week, the left foot joined in the chorus.

That wasn’t the only thing that happened this fornight. I had two other wins too! This week we had a ladder spread across the ground, similar to the one shown in this image, and we were walking through it doing kicks. For the first time, I was able to work my way from gap to gap, kicking all the way along the ladder without losing my footing! I also had my first experience with the back kick, walking backward while kicking and looking over my shoulder – an activity that I thought was sure to land me on the mat, but I stayed upright (although, yes, I did lose my footing a bit).

I also learnt this week that although I’m a fully grown adult and relatively confident person, I can be filled with joy over just a few simple words from our leader Troy. This week, after seeing my efforts with the new back kick, Troy said “Well done Sarah, that’s exactly what we want”. He’s given me lots of praise for my efforts, and those have felt great too, but that was the first time the praise was for an achievement, not the trying. I felt like I’d gotten the hang of something new quite quickly, and it felt great! Even as I re-type those words I can replay the glow of satisfaction I got from that simple sentence. It made me grin from ear to ear then, and it’s still making me to do it now.  

What I’ve learnt this week

1) Good things may come to those that wait, but a thud comes to those that practice!

2) It doesn’t matter how old you are – when a teacher tells you you’re doing well, it’s an awesome feeling.

Until next year….

My diary of a white belt has now covered the first six weeks of my Taekwondo journey. In these six weeks, the warmups are getting easier, the basics are becoming more achievable, the lessons seem shorter and, of course, I got my THUD.

The main idea of this blog is to share what it’s like to be a start-up Taekwondo-er at Raptor and I hope that for anyone thinking of joining us, that it’s helped inspire you to come in for a trial.

I’m going to take a break now until grading time comes up, probably around March-April 2021, unless something really blog-worthy happens in the meantime. Until then – farewell and I hope to see you at the dojang.