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If you have never taken part in group fitness activities or sessions before then you are seriously missing out! Group classes such as Meta PWR and boxercise are fun, energetic and motivating.  These sessions are EXTREMELY effective!

BOXERCISE Group Sessions

Held every Tuesday evening at 7:45pm.

These sessions run for close to an hour and incorporate a mixture of boxing drills using bags, mitts and gloves as well as ground work exercises that utilise your own body weight for that full body, high intensity work out.

Designed for all fitness levels you will be able to see results in multiple areas such as strength building, improved coordination, increased fitness levels all while having a great time and meeting new people. Sessions will change every week so you never know what’s coming…..

With Casey Fitness & Personal Training, the only person you compete with or against is YOU. Don’t be afraid to set your own personal goals and be the best you can be.

Meta PWR

Held every Wednesday morning at 6:30am, Saturday morning at 7:00am and Thursday evening at 7:45pm.

MetaPWR is a unique 30-minute metabolic resistance workout from Meta fit™. Metabolic resistance training is one of the best, most intense strategies for building muscle, burning fat, and improving fitness. Take your conditioning workouts to another level with MetaPWR and their unique workouts that are short but really pack a punch when it comes to a solid afterburn!
MetaPWR is high-intensity! It’s anaerobic! Meta PWR exercise make you breathless! If you are completing a MetaPWR workout and you are not breathing hard, sweating and left wondering what just happened then something is wrong. The idea is to be lifting heavy (make it challenging) and moving as quickly as you can without sacrificing correct technique, resting as little as possible between sets.

A series of circuit based activities using various machines, weights and other apparatus, ensuring a full body workout in a fun, supportive environment.

The exercises vary from week to week, and Troy ensures that not only do you get a great workout, you have fun too!

Personal Training Sessions

Sessions available by appointment. Please contact Troy: 0400 003 758.

Want to get started on your fitness journey or improve on your current fitness levels?  Then personal training sessions may be what you’re looking for. Sessions for 30 mins or 1 hour are available by appointment.

With many years of experience in martial arts and running training sessions with people from all backgrounds these sessions will be tailored to suit your personal needs and may just be that wok out you’ve been searching for. If your committed we are if your lacking motivation we will help you find it. Be your own worst competitor and push your boundaries.

Mums / Dads and Bubs

Held every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9:30am.

Stay at home mums and dads….this one’s for you!

Similar to BOXERCISE but with a little added equipment based activity, these group sessions with a twist are for those stay at home mums and dads with little kiddies. No need to find a baby sitter, just bring the kids along. We have plenty of parking space for prams so mum and dad can train. Go on, step outside your comfort zone and come join in!

Change Happens Here.

Tired of your fitness routine? So are we.

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