Amongst the chaos and confusion that Covid-19 has brought into the world, there’s a local sporting club that has embraced the chaos and created a much-needed community of inclusion and hope. Casey Martial Arts & Fitness, based in Narre Warren, has adjusted, adapted and altered its ways to move with the confronting changes that have washed over the City of Casey community during recent times. 

Although evolution has always been at the forefront of its values, it’s Covid-19 that has allowed Casey Martial Arts & Fitness to move classes into an online space while encouraging families across Casey to take the time to become physically active within their own homes.

Owners Troy and Sharon, along with their dedicated Instructors and Trainers, embraced the opportunity to transition into online classes as he saw community members were overcome with feelings of sadness, grief, worry and anger.  

It’s classes that have brought a community closer together when they were feeling so far apart.

‘This is a real test on everyone. Everyone is trying new things. Everyone is navigating their way’ explained Henson. ‘We’ve fielded a lot of conversations with parents and students, and this has allowed us to engage with them and understand their needs and requirements on a level that we could not have previously’.

And, it’s Covid-19 that has allowed them to do just that. In fact, it’s been the closing of doors that has provided Casey Martial Arts & Fitness with a chance to level up, and then step up again, to better serve the community and strengthen their existing programs.

This greater sense of community it something that could not have been achieved had things been as ‘per-normal’, and it is something that the Casey Martial Arts & Fitness team are thankful for.

‘It’s quite a surreal feeling that we’re going through this type of change. I am extremely thankful for the support from so many, especially that of my Instructors and partner Sharon’.

As the restrictions begin to ease, it’s communities and organisations like Casey Martial Arts & Fitness who are entering this new normality with a stronger foundation that is fuelled and strengthened by an all-encompassing community spirit.

And it all began from the living room.

If you want to get involved in some of the online Casey Martial Arts & Fitness classes, contact us today.