On Wednesday October 21, Troy called a zoom session for parents and senior TMAV students to announce that we will be returning to in person classes from Monday November 2! This is a summary of the information provided by Troy during that session.

When do we return?

Monday November 2

Are we going back into the dojang?

Right now, no. Indoor exercise is still unavailable under current COVID rules. However, we do have sufficient space in the carpark area outside the dojang to allow classes to run in an outdoor setting.

Will the classes run as normal?

The classes will be slightly modified to suit our outdoor location, with more ‘on the spot’ exercise and with current regulations, no contact between students.

What will the timetable be?

We will be returning to the timetable released in July of this year. The timetable can be found in the Raptor Facebook group here.

Do we have to wear full uniform?

While uniform is preferred, we are happy for our students to dress comfortably for the conditions. Note: Shoes and Socks will be required for all outdoor sessions.

Do we have to wear a mask?

In line with COVID regulations, masks are optional for students aged up to 12. Students over 12 and adults will require a mask unless physically exerting themselves.

Parents must wear a mask at all times unless medically exempt.

Where do parents wait?

Parents are encouraged to wait within their vehicles, or drop off and return at the end of the session. Remember, our friends at Vesper Drive Café will be open and have drinks and snacks available while you wait.

Is exercising in the carpark safe?

Yes. We will be ensuring the safety of our students by keeping them contained to the immediate area outside the roller door and the carpark spaces reserved for our premises.

We will have 2 instructors minimum at each session and parent helpers where possible.

We have also spoken to the tenants along our side of the strip and opposite us and they are supportive of our plan to run outdoor sessions.  

What if the weather is bad?

If the weather is unsuitable for outdoor exercise, Troy will notify all families via text and the scheduled session will run via zoom.

Will the dojang be continuing with zoom sessions?

No, sessions will be run from the dojang unless bad weather requires us to run zoom, in which case Troy will notify via text as explained above.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Raptor Taekwondo if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to seeing you again on the 2nd!