Being a Black Belt is universally respected, it demonstrates a person’s character, their willingness to persevere, to learn and train and be dedicated to a goal that takes years to master.  For a child learning Martial Arts, it moulds them and provides them life skills and sets them on a path to success in all areas of life.

Let’s talk more about those benefits.

Physical Benefits

For starters, Martial Arts promotes fitness. We want to get people off their screens (adults and kids) and get them moving.  It is recommended we complete 30 minutes of physical activity a day and our programs are 45 minutes and 60 minutes long twice a week.  For our senior students and for the junior parents, we run an Xtreme fit program that is designed to increase fitness levels in a fun, safe environment.

The benefit of choosing a Martial Arts sporting activity is that is specifically focused on coordination, balance and flexibility. As a student, you will become more aware of your body and notice muscle development throughout your journey.

Psychological Benefits

When we exercise, we create endorphins and this is fantastic because the endorphins make us happy and reduce stress! We feel good about ourselves as we gain confidence in our skills and find happiness in new friendships made within the community. Through Martial Arts, we also develop our concentration and discipline as we learn to commit ourselves to obtain our goals and push ourselves to keep going back. We like to refer to this a Grit, the passion and perseverance for long-term and meaningful goals. In addition to this, students also develop patience, emotional control and improved behaviour as these are Martial Arts values that go hand in hand with the practice.

Social Benefits

We are a community, a family, therefore joining us you will soon realise how loyal we are and that there is a deep respect for instructors, students and parents.

Comradery and teamwork is also something that goes hand in hand with Martial Arts as you learn to use the people in your community towards reaching your goal and assist them with theirs.

The road to Black Belt is much more than you would expect and the benefits you obtain along the way are far greater as well.